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Dangly Bits... (Option To Turn On And Off?) ~Don't Hurt Me!


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I thought it'd be nice if there was an option to turn dangly bits off (aka physics) and just let things be strangely still (like the dojo banners) after watching Warframe gameplay of a guy playing Frost. This idea popped in my mind because Trinity got her "Lobster Tail" changed to a dangly bit thangy and I do see other people having preferring the "Lobster Tail" over Trinity's new non lobster tail cape (like the kama worn by higher ranking clone troopers.)

How's the idea? Horrible? (Yeah I know it is... please  don't hurt me/bash me for this... It's just an idea that popped up in my head.)

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What for? Why would you want a stick on your back instead of Syandana?

Well... some people have preferences... I'm curious to see how a stick like Syandana would look like... 


Edit: Only just dangly bits on Warframe things like: Helmets and personal capes that came with the Warframe. (Frost's cape, Oberon's cape, Trinity's cape... I think that's all of the capes?)

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