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Harder Content Tips



So you have made it past rank X and want to try "harder" stuff. IMO, sadly the only "harder" stuff is really long survival or defense missions where you will end up reaching 100+ level targets to kill.



so what do you use? I've seen lots of posts here about whats best for primary , secondary , melee, warframes, etc etc.


just a few tips I'd like to pass on for the multitude of players asking the same question.



once you reach that level where all things can pretty much one shot you or are soo high level too kill there are somethings you must have brought with you or you will fail.


1) warframes. once you reach that level you must think about CC ( crowd control ) and Buffs ( warframes that amp up your damage and or survivability )


some of these warframes are:


Stomp ( CC ) Roar ( damage )


MP  ( Damage )


his 3rd and 4th skills ( CC )  


Absorb ( CC  / damage ) Chaos ( CC )


this is only just a few of the many warframes that can be used in "endgame" content. some others would be volt ( for its stacking damage multiplier + (CC)  , banshee for its non stop CC with quake + sonar ( damage ) , loki for disarm ( CC ) and many others.


remember once you reach that level where everything can one shot you. HP / Shields do not mater. so don't waste points on that. instead use those points for energy, duration , power and the like. its all about control and maximum damage output. which brings us to the second point


2) weapons. or how you deal damage


once you start fighting things over level 100 they tend to use up tons of ammo just to make a kill. knowing this in advance you should bring warframes that increase your damage output.



for example have everyone bring rifle amp if at least 3/4 players in group are going to use primary rifles for their damage source. or use Corrosive projection. the reason things level 100 + are harder to kill is because their armor is very high as well as their armor has gone up by a ton. these 2 auras stacked in your group will increase your damage by a lot. I think its best for all but 1 to bring corrosive projection. 4th person should bring either rifle amp or energy siphon.



at this point you want weapons that are very ammo efficient. or you will go through very many ammo plates that are just not needed.  do not do this to yourself. most sniper type weapons are very effiecnt at these levels due to their raw power. but if you have a rhino casting max power build roar you will slice through high level targets with ease. also do not forget to bring the right elemental combos for the correct target. you do not one to bring a high corrosive weapon into a fight with lvl 100+ courpus targets. that is just counter productive.


3) working together as a team

this is by far the most important part of the equation. you will not be able to go the distance if you do not have a method in place to help you reach your goal.


do your best to keep everyone near by so incase something goes wrong you can get help quickly



there are many other tips out there but for now lets just stick t these.
















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I think its best for all but 1 to bring corrosive projection. 4th person should bring either rifle amp or energy siphon.

RA will increase damage by 6.3-10.2%. The 4th CP aura will increase damage to 344% at level 100. There's not really any contest - use 4X CP whenever there's enemy armor, and the last CP is the most important.

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That link made for interesting reading, R34LM.


The tactical element cannot be emphasised enough for void survivals. Parties that just run aimlessly between rooms killing stuff rarely make it past 20 minutes, in my experience. There's a really good void survival guide here on the forums, it was written a while back but many of the tips and tricks still hold true: here it is.

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