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Demons Of Seraphim Looking For Alliance!


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My clan Demons of Seraphim is now looking for an Alliance since the one we are currently with now is to inactive!

We are looking for:

Friendly people who are active in the Alliance chat.

People who wants to help out other members.

An Alliance that is currently building (or has finished building) solar rails, we will help donate all the resources necessary.

Serious players that doesn't log in once a week.

Is this your Alliance?

Send me a message or post in this thread, we are an active clan with 18 members, we are recruiting atleast three new serious players daily, I handle the recruitment myself, all inactive or unserious players will be kicked.

Clan emblem is done and has been uploaded, now we have to wait for next update or hotfix. :)

We build new rooms daily and all clan members are happy to donate Forma and other resources so we are expanding the Dojo at very high rate! :)

EDIT: Updated some info :)

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