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A Message From The Kubrow Alliance, Couch Prime Required


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Translated into English:


Dear Tenno Masters,


Too long have we slept upon the cold hard floor of the incubator and it is now time for change. You get fancy new suits of armor and a whole ship to meander around as you wish. We want Couch Prime, and we want it at the front of the ship so that we may bark as we please at passing Fomorians. Couch Prime is for us Kubrow alone. We also demand the right to prance around the Lisette as we please. We swear to you that we are indeed house broken. We cherish our Tenno masters and wish to continue serving upon the fulfillment of our needs.


Yours Truly,


The Kubrow.


But seriously, can we allow our Kubrow to wander the ship by themselves and givethem a more comfortable place to sleep?

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