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Host Of Orion Is Looking For Active Members Of All Levels To Join It's Ranks! [Fully Built Dojo, All Research Available, Active Since Update 8]


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Host of Orion

Host of Orion is looking for new members to join its ranks! We accept all Tenno, whether you are a new player or a veteran. In addition, we offer help with anything that a player might need, such as hosting tower runs or providing basic and advanced information about the game.

We offer the following:

-Fully built Dojo
-Fully Researched Labs
-Active and friendly players to do runs with
-Trading Post with 0% clan Tax!
-A active chat service (Raidcall)
-A great website
-Dueling Rooms
-Obstacle Course
-Veterans that will provide information, host tower missions, and help with anything you need
-Clan funded events for all clan members to participate in (one currently ongoing)
Yes we know... Rules can be a pain, but without certain rules we would be a dead clan. So you will be happy to hear that we have only one big rule. If you are afk for longer than 15 days without posting a leave of absence on our website you will be kicked.

The good thing about this rule is that it keeps our inactivity low, and if a player would like to return, we will welcome them back with open arms.



For more information regarding our clan, or an invitation, please post below or send a personal message to Hunter_V7

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hey guys, id really like to join your clan!  I am a fairly new player (lvl 13 or so Volt and a Nekros gathering dust atm), and would appreciate a leg up in working thru alert runs, gathering resources for crafts, and some mod farming.  any chance you will accept me?





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Hello, my IGN is RamenNation. I've been playing since U4 and am a Founder. Sadly couldn't get Excalibur Prime (R.I.P.). I'm a transfer student from Korea who speaks fluent English. My level is 11 and have not been in a clan ever since. I'm hoping I will enjoy my stay with you guys.

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Salutations! Mastery rank 9 player here, with every male sans Nekros (currently in progress), working towards some others, too. My previous clan died of inactivity, so I'm looking for something a bit bigger and less likely to die. So far, this one seems like one of the best choices, so I thought I'd send in for an invite!

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