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Trading Post Guidelines


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Players are asked to post 1 thread per auction (and/or 1 thread for your storefront and 1 thread for WTB/Looking For). If you want to re-post it 24 or more hours after the original one was posted, please notify a moderator by reporting your thread with the report button to request its deletion. Once it's been deleted you may post it again!

Please do not create spam-like "bump" and "link" threads that exist solely to solicit your already existing threads.
Creating these sorts of threads isn't condoned; bumping one's own topic has already been removed because people would bump their threads hundreds of times a day.
Solicitation/"bump" threads will be merged with your original thread or deleted, and may accrue warning points on your forum account for spamming. Please see the Forum Rules for reference: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/286054-psa-warning-points-20/
Original Post by Community Moderators (PC)Letter13 & (PS4)IIIDevoidIII re-purposed to this sub-section.



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