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What Would You Say Is The Biggest Gripe/biggest Pleasure You Have With Warframe?


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Biggest Gripe: The fact that we are almost entirely reliant on the Module system for progression.


Biggest Pleasure: The ability to just come in and mindlessly slaughter enemies for a few hours for fun in any of the gamemodes (aside from Rescue) after a long day at work or something equally un-enjoyable. 


(Please try to keep conversation civil.)

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Gripe: No proper mixture of ranged and melee attacks.

Frame skills + melee puts your melee weapon away and looks wonky, cast animations are slow, damage doesn't last (and I wouldn't want it to). Glaive type weapons are too slow to transition and not effective enough, like having the world's slowest sniper rifle that doesn't do enough damage. WTB: Pistol + CCW, AR + Bayonet, something...


Pleasure: Cover.

I can't even begin to praise the level designers enough. I feel like people just totally overlook how good the cover and layouts are in this game. All kinds of neat angles, places to wall run that aren't marked but are so perfectly adjusted for height, odd sight lines... even little things like how doors have a Tenno-sized space on either side to open them without using your forehead, omg... running to the sides of doors is pretty much 65% of how I beat suspicious shipments so much easier than all the PUG's I was with who had more defense and better weapons.

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biggest gripe... that Warframe has no difficulty. only stat inflation until you get smited by magic. no challenge. way too much stat crepe, and no challenge to combat that stat crepe.


Edit: oh, there's also the distinct differences in gameplay experienced between the Host and Clients. no bueno. what the Clients experience is more engaging than the Host.


biggest plus... movement in general is great and is very refreshing compared to so many games that are completely motion locked Rail Shooters.

and RNG. Randomization is a good thing for the longevity of Video Games provided the systems stand up well enough to support the repetition.

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Never ending grinding to get new weapons which leads to never ending leveling so I can have better weapons to use in more never ending grindings to get more weapons.. It's a cycle with no purpose.

Saryn's body. I looked. I fantasized. I came.
The major updates/events. The game gets boring eventually, but every major update is a reason to play again.
Seeing how the game improves little by little.
Grineer voices.

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