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Just A Weird Idea


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Earlier me and about lets say a few hundred players were invited to someone's Dojo probably for lols but besides people leaving a good amount stay for awhile. Socializing, trading and doing the off things the Dojo had to offer such as the duel room and obstacle course, beating each other up or seeing who is the fastest it was fun. This kinda reminded me of Phantasy Star Universe were hordes of players could be roaming around town shoping, trading, looking for a party or just chatting it up kinda sounds like the Warframe chat it would be cool if we had lets say these mass hideouts black market vendor are there and other tenno aka player to socialize with, or to group up and do a mission or two and trade kinda like i mentioned Phantasy Star Universe did but more suited with warframe cause the Dojos are too big and always too empty it was awesome having it full when that person invited everyone

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