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IGN: Trioder
Steam: L4M4RK
#Warframe Mods:
Continuity, Flow, Intensify, Natural Talent, Master Thief(Max), StreamLine, Blind rage, Narrow Minded, Vigor... and more uncommon/common mods
#Primary Mods:
Arrow Mutation, Hell's Chamber, Hammer Shot, Malignant Force, Ravage, Blaze, Metal Auger, Shred, Thunderbolt, Toxic Barrage, Vital Sense, Wild Fire... and more uncommon/common mods
#Secondary Mods:
Pistol Ammo Mutation, Pistol Pestilence, Barrel Diffusion, Ice Storm, Lethal Torrent, Steady Hands, Stunning Speed... and more uncommon/common mods
#Melee Mods:
Spoiled Strike(Max), Energy Channel, Focus Energy, Heavy Trauma, Power Throw, Quickening, Virulent Scourge, Sundering Strike... and more uncommon/common mods
#Stance Mods:
Malicious Raptor, Cleaving Whirlwind, Crossing Snakes, Seismic Palm, Tranquil Cleave, Coiling Viper, Brutal Tide, Iron Phoenix, Eleventh Storm... and more uncommon/common mods
#Sentinel Mods:
Guardian, Self Destruct, Fired Up
#Kubrow Mods:
Fast Deflection, Link Armor, Link Health, Maul
#Aura Mods:
Enermy Radar, Physique, Pistol Scavenger, Rifle Amp, Rejuvenation, Shield Disruption, Shotgun Scavenger, Rifle Scavenger, Sniper Scavenger, Speed Holster, Steel Charge, Energy Siphon
#Prime stuff:
AKBronco P. Blueprint, Ankyros P. Blueprint, BO P. Blueprint, BO P. Ornament, Boar P. Barrel, Boar P. Receiver, Boar P. Stock, Boltor P. Stock, Boltor P. Barrel, Braton P. Blueprint, Bronco P. Barrel, Bronco P. Blueprint, Bronco P. Receiver Burston P. Barrel, Burston P. Stock, Dakra P. Handle, Ember P. Helmet, Fang P. Blade, Fang P. Blueprint, Frost P. Blueprint, Frost P. Chassis, Frost P. Systems, Latron P. Blueprint, Latron P. Stock, Lex P. Barrel, Lex P. Stock, Lex P. barrel, Lex P. Receiver, Loki P. Blueprint, Mag P. Blueprint, Mag P. Chassis, Mag P. Helmet, Orthos P. Blade, Orthos P. Handle, Paris P. Blueprint, Paris P. Lower, Paris P. String, Paris P. Upper Limb, Reaper P. Blade, Reaper P. Blueprint, Rhino P. Blueprint, Rhino P. Systems, Sicarus P. Barrel, Sicarus P. Blueprint, Wyrm P. Blueprint
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