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Research 2.0


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These are several large suggestions to research that I’d like to see implemented:


Risky research

all research has a chance (max. 50%?) to trigger an invasion on your dojo. With each race having a unique difference in how they get there and what they do:


Grineer (chem):

transport method:


Enemy objective:

Reverse engineer

Damage pattern:

Important (orokin lab, tenno lab, reactor, chem/bio/energy lab)

Your objective:



Corpus (energy):

transport method:


Enemy objective:


Damage pattern:

Dead ends first

Your objective:

Destroy teleporter


Infested (bio):

transport method:

Internal spawning

Enemy objective:


Damage pattern:

Inward (heavier close to the hive)

Your objective:

Destroy proto-hive


Invasions on the dojo regardless of race damage rooms of the dojo over time, while the main objective is incomplete. if a room is damaged over 50% it cannot be used until repaired, if 100% damaged room cannot be entered and must be salvaged giving 20% of building resources. Rooms require .8% of building resources per 1% of damage done to be repaired, this can be done at the rooms control panel thing. level of invading mobs depends on dojo rank


Cross research

instead of research just being held in one lab some craftables are researched in multiple labs e.g. sentinals


Orokin research

instead of just having one thing to be researched and made in the orokin lab how about it makes upgrades for the dojo, like:


Energy efficiency:

Doubles energy output of reactors


Automated defence system (risky research):

Reduce risk of invasion while researching


Reinforced plating (also risky research):

Gives an armor rating of 300 (1/2) to all rooms


Automatic building protocols:

Ordis is capable of taking resources from tenno while in mission and start building a predetermined BP

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doesn't really add up though maybe you could tidy up on how they would actually attack the dojo and in terms or actually repelling the attack.

Like is there just one mission to do to repel the enemy? Do we have to do it a few times? also, wouldn't smaller dojo's have less of a traveling/exploring time? does the map then just include the dojo layout? pretty smalll area to move around trying to find the entry point don't you think..?

regarding the research, i have no comments. it just doesn't seem right, splitting frame components into different labs.

Just saying. #nohatebro

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The ideas certainly need a little more fleshing out but I have to say, I like the orokin and risky research ideas.


The risky research thing would make for a nice D&D in the research system to break up the current repetitive gameplay a bit, though it would have to scale to clan tier and such.


Orokin tech is a nice little idea too, though for it's use the research would have to be quite expensive or it becomes ridiculously powerful in larger dojos and smaller dojos are less likely to require it.


The cross research idea I don't like however, I feel it's more appropriate if we keep warframe construction in the tenno lab.

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