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Help With Prime Weapons



I have a few questions regarding the Boar Prime, Burston Prime and Lex Prime. I've almost collected all of the sets of these weapons and am considering building them soon. 


First up, the boar prime. I almost have a full set of it (just need the bp) and have all necessary mods for it (blaze, hell's chamber, shotgun ammo mutation, etc). However, I already have a 5-forma amprex that I use to wreck face in close quarters combat. Therefore, will the boar prime have any real use in my arsenal?


I am also lacking the blueprint for the burston prime and am farming ODS for it. Is the burston prime worth potatoing and formaing if I build it? I am looking for a midrange weapon (already have CQC with amprex and long range with lanka) so is it any good for this role? If not, are there any other good midrange weapons I could build? Please avoid saying dread or paris prime because I'm not a big fan of bows. They just don't fit thematically with the game (seriously? Those things crit for more than a goddamn sniper rifle?) IMO. 


Lastly, the Lex Prime. I'm currently building it in the foundry right now because I managed to scrounge the receiver and bp up for cheap. I understand that the marelok is probably 10x better gameplay-wise but honestly, I don't like the look of the marelok (grineer weapons look eugh) too much and my friend already uses it. We have this policy where we avoid doubling up on frames and weapons where possible. Also, desert eagles. So how should I build the Lex Prime and will I need forma to help it reach its full potential? 

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personally, I just suggest to try our new weapons, because you might like the change and you'll get some mastery points, so why not?

and all 3 of these weapons you have aren't bad, some people will say (keep amprex, brakk rules, marelok is better, boltor p FTW and all that OP non-sense) but you have to try the weapons to like them

the shotgun mods in general are very good, so if you mod up your boar p well, it'll kick the but of anything it gets in his way, the burston p is pretty descent too, good mid-range rifle though consider the braton p too or just try out the Attica or Sybaris, and the lex p is just awesome, dependable and deadly, and deals very high physical damage and good for long range 

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- About boar p, im currently have it. That gun is fun and u may love the full-auto machenic of it, it's stronger than a amprex at the beginning but it's just above decent for me cuz i dont potato it yet @@.

 - About the bruston prime, i have no ideas. since the brust type weap may not fit someone style so u may want to try a normal bruston for mastery rank first and see if u like it. But about the mid-range weap, the king right now is the Boltor Prime so grap it if u can or may be put some effor to a Soma (soma is my fav ^^). Bruston crowd control is bad and worse that Latron series by what i heard, so u may find the Latron wraiith more reward than burston too. Playstyle choice here.


 - About lex p, it's a really good mid-long range weap, but i think it's still have a cap on crowd control problem and i fond that in most moving miss like Ext, other gun like pyrana or despait outdone lex p, so it's only work best in some def miss with really wide range. 

Infact, all these weap here all depend on playstyle choice. if u like sniper style, i may love lex p .But a sniper primary+pyrana loadout is better than, let say ... lex p+boar p loadout since Lex p sniper not that good (But if u like to brust the bullet around, u may love the 2nd loadout more @@). So, just experiment and find out u playstyle. Hope this help 

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