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De's New Ninja Intern!


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New person. Says hi!


We say hi!


What do we do next? Ask questions!


What kind?


Deep, insightful ones? "What do you think the meaning of life is?" "What are your hopes for working with DE?" "Is this a dream job that was hard to arrange, or did you just get randomly selected?" No!


Banal, yet useful ones? "What will you do?" "Can we look forward to more interaction from you?" "So that makes you the assistant to the assistant to the assistant to the assistant to the lotus then, right?" Not really.


Friendly, topical ones? "What weapons do you like?" "What's your favorite mission type?" "Will you be playing a lot as part of your job?" Not really.


Deriding, joking ones? "So, how long does it take to fill the coffee mugs on update day?" "Have they made you a camera stand yet?" "Did they trick you into drinking the glass of mystery juice from the sound room yet?" No.


No, the big important question everyone keeps going on about, "OMG, WHAT IS BETWEEN YOUR LEGS!?!?!"


...wth guys?


For our new face: Hi! Welcome! And a joke for you: What is the TRUE goal of every canadian student?






To get straight "eh"s, of course!




(It's up to you to decide whether that's better or worse than the vague semi-predatory innuendo).


Hope it's a happy and useful stay.


And, my question: It's early to tell, but do you imagine you'd be coming back in a more permanent form if this works out well, or is this just another step in the road that never ends?

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*strategically places a SpaceNinjaPancakeHat on [DE]Danielle*   :3





A wild Skree appears!


Wait a sec... that isn't Skree... is it? That looks... like Alad V, not Skree...


Oh Alad... you were in ENOUGH trouble already! What have you DONE with Skree?

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Hi Danielle, and welcome to the most pointless yet funnier place in the world : This forum.  :D


Mhhh, London in Ontario... That's quite far away from Montreal. It would be hard to assault the studios to take hostages as long as update 15 isn't relea... Eeeh, I mean, just to come and say hi... ^.^'


<.< ........ >.>

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so what do you do for your internship other than moderate the forums?


If it is ANYTHING like the internships I have had, she does a little bit of everything.


I did a similar thing just out of high school, working for a game developer. It was... eye opening.


No, I am NEVER going to do coding again.

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