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Lotus Assassins Is Recruiting


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We are the Lotus Assassins. We have begun recruiting, so if you are on PS4, send me, Fenrushak, a message indicating that you would like to run some missions with me. I am one of two Warlords in the clan, the other being ChristopherA72. You can also look for an active Ranking Clan member, Hellmans_Fury.


While the clan is currently small, we are part of a larger alliance, and work closely with others. We'd prefer to run a few Tower 4s with you before we make a decision, but what we are looking for are people that love the game, and are fairly regular in their playing.


We have a full dojo, and we have all lab research completed. We are currently expanding our gardens, and our decorations. We have a clan emblem that is pretty cool. It's design was taken from old school Chinese Dancing Masks. We used the Color Blue because, blue faces on masks are an indication of neutrality. In addition, blue can show stubbornness, astuteness and fierceness.


We do love to help. We collect everything we can, even things we already have in stock, to support our clan members. I've given six Paris Prime sets away to clan members, past and present. We help each other out in Lotus Assassins, and not just the kind of help where you are willing to pick up your squadmates corpse from the ground. No, we support your growth in Warframe, in fact, it is our policy that you ask the Warlords, if not the clan, if we can spare what you are looking for before you ever approach the trade chat, and throw out your Platinum before scalpers.


We look forward to hearing from you


- Fen

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