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More Refinement For Mod Screen Ui


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UI is currently lacking a lot information, which is usually especially frustrating to beginners. Let's take this example:




As a beginner I would assume: "UI bugged" and rightfully so.


What happens here actually is, that one of my 20-something warframes has a level 0 mod equipped for some reason.

And the only way to find this out, is when you actually try to fuse/sell specific mod.

And even then it doesn't even tell you which Warframe has the mod equipped.


Improvement suggestions:


a) Give the mod visual feedback that it's already equipped somewhere (with a little icon).

b) Add tool tip on mouse over which frames/weapons are using this mod.


//Edit: Hang on, does this shiny thingy in the middle mean it's equipped - can't tell, cause mouse over reveals nothing :-(

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