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So.. Campfire Anyone?


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You know, have some smores, look up at the stars at night, tell campfire stories...... Lol.


Jokes aside, has this happened to anyone else? When you kill the Grineer with the Ignis, forgot the name, his flames remain in the mission the entire time just floating there continuing to spit fire. This has happened quite a few times for a long while now so I'm not sure if its just me or if others are getting and haven't really said anyting.





EDIT: Heres a picture of what I mean

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this is one of the bugs that usually happen when upload bandwidth of host (or download of client) is not enough and some elements of FX remain unchanged (they serve only to visual appeal and are thus secondary in processing) as data packages get lost due to game running on UDP protocol (actually all games use it, just that some games don't handle it very good). that is why such bugs only happen at the client side.


Note that i may be wrong.

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