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When Do The Aliens Show Up?


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I was thinking long and hard about this for an entire 4 seconds; When do we get to fight/meet/murder/play checkers with a new species of intelligent aliens? Space is cool and all, but it gets lonely when the only other people in the solar system are warmongers and smelly Rhinos that just wanna shoot stuff until it explodes in a shower of goo.


When will we get to meet aliens we can just talk to, and maybe have long compatible genetalia meaningful conversations with about life, love, and the universe?


I guess the bigger question is, are we ready to meet new intelligent life? Will the Grinneer/Corpus just try to kill them? Maybe recruit them and research new technologies? Will the Lotus see this as a challenge to her precious "Order" and send out the Tenno to... handle the situation?


Oh, the drama!


So what's up, where all the aliens at?

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Well, new races wouldnt be out of Lore. Its space, baby, where anything is possible ©


But please dont ruin this game by imagening xenomorths and yautja. 

It's not about Lore. This is more like a cross-over event you know, like many mangas have their characters work with each other for a special promotion chapter that doesn't tie to the story-line at all for fan-service. 

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