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Wts 2 Sunika Imprints Lotus!


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hello tenno's im selling a lotus sunika, its still a baby but the awsome colors makes it so nice!
24 hours for the sale is over so be hurry!


(btw here is another kubrow that im selling its a HURAS with x patch notes tiger looking! 



-name DEMegan
-Colors : (wait here screenshot) http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/23964488304910538/12F38B8E809A29AC1D20CC9E3A27313FCB126E0C/


matured picture : http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/23965122106276758/45FD4D303824F98F241460D4A563978173BBB0F3/

-ras: SunIka

B/O : 600pt

Start bid : 100pt

increas by 25pt

current bid : -CdG-Luck


with 480pt


goodluck tennos!

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Hello, thats a nice kubrow. Im willing to pay 350p, but i will need to see a picture of him when he matures if you can upload the picture and if its a big kubrow i am willing to pay more .


Good day!

hello tenno ur price is uploaded thankyou and i wil upload it later when he mature or tomorow early morning 

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