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How Does Oberon's Renewal Work...(Help)



Title says it all. I am using Oberon (planning on selling him tbh) and his renewal seems...very inefficient.

But i am open to discussion because ... his ability is VERY confusing.


sometimes i get energy...afterwards but im guessing it is because i pick up energy and it cannot ADD the energy that I picked up while draining the energy for healing (orbs ) to travel. 


It does tick at 1 energy per second but other times the energy will drain VERY fast.


So i could say other things but it would just be me ranting. In short form, none of this makes sense can someone help

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From what I can tell, when you cast it the ability uses a set amount of energy (10 I think) and then continues to use an amount of energy every second. It will heal a player for about 100+ health on contact and then continue to heal while the ability is active until it reaches it's cap healing (I think around 400). It will also slow down a player's Bleedout by 45% or so. 

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Are the projectiles supposed to be visible? Because I sure as hell don't see them, tried different power colors.


also, in the patches notes it said something about 'dispelling debuffs' when people are capped out.


does this mean that it dispels debuffs on the last tick necessary to cap people's health out? Or does it keep debuffing with every tick as long as the ability is active (for example, ally 1 is capped out, renewal keeps ticking for ally 2, does ally one receive a 'dispel' every tick? )


Also, the ability seems to automatically toggle off when everybody is capped. If the 'dispel' is a feature of the skill  I'd like to decide for myself when I toggle it off and maybe keep it on just for removing the debuffs. 


I have a lot of questsion about this ability, but these are the most prying ones for now. 

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Projectiles are visible, but quite quick and small. You may need to turn up graphics. Getting a teammate to sprint away from you can help too.


The debuff dispel is the final tick only, and then the ability ends for that teammate. As long as one teammate is healing it will continue to drain energy from you. Its a little bit buggy sometimes when you reach full health last, sometimes the ability stays active, draining energy; I'm unsure about the status of the proc dispel during that.


Depending on your duration on the build, it might be best to toggle it off after the initial heal and reapply as needed. Especially if using Rage, as you can't gain energy from mods while the effect is active. I'm fairly certain orb drops still work correctly tho.

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Thanks @Darzk , Yes I actually spotted the projectile when testing with someone who at my request stood very far away. It was small and white for me. 


Allright so if I understand properly the 'dispel' applies when:


- the heal over time ends (duration time expires)

- on a tick when a party member is already healed (dispel for that member but keeps on healing for the rest when they are still damaged)




- - - 


So rage and energy siphon are useless while using the ability. 

also the trinities energy ability (energy channel?) doesn't give any energy. 


I have noticed that power you pick from the orbs get's added to your pool all at once when the ability ends. 

Has anybody tested if this works with equilibrium? <- if so that'd be the best power regenerating mod to use, assuming you're not always spamming renewal so it always tops you off right away. 





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