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What To Think Of This Kubrow?



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The "Merle" fur pattern is one of the most interesting IMO. Additionally, yours is lucky to have three natural colors that contrast well with each other as well as looking quite natural. It seems like you can use other colors on the gray to make the brown stand out (maybe white?).


From what I see, "Merle" pattern is also quite rare. Out of all the kubrows I've incubated (at least 10), I've never gotten one (while I've obtained Lotus through random incubation). The only Merle I was able to get was by buying someone's imprints. It's not in great demand right now, but if you keep them (either for your own science or later selling), maybe eventually it can fetch a nice price.


In general, Merle just looks very funky to me, and I love it because of that. Here's an example of highly contrasted colors used just so you can see the patterns clearly.


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I've been random breeding for a while in hopes of finding a nice looking Raksa and depending on how it looks when it becomes an adult, I might just keep it.


If I get a normal build I'll be happy, but if I get a skinny build, this will just kill it for me :(

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