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Display Settings Explained



Can someone explain what the display setting exactly do? And how much performance they approximately cost.


I tried "CPU unparking" and max vs low setting. Performance-wise it's all pretty much the same, maybe some placebo gain. I'm under the impression that the fps are more influenced by the skills used (Hydroid's tentacles).

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If you are not seeing any performance difference from maxed graphics versus lowest graphics then none of the display settings will give you a performance gain on their own. That points to issues with hardware other than your graphics card, such as your CPU being too weak or your RAM being too slow.


Hydroid's tentacles are quite CPU heavy due to the massive amount of ragdolls created, so if that is causing significant slowdowns you should look into upgrading your CPU (or maybe just restarting your computer if you are like me and only restart it every two months).

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Well my system isn't the best, but it shouldn't be too old. i5-3570k quad core 3,4 GHz each with a Geforce GTX 670. Or is it?


Normally I get my (near) 60fps, but outdoor maps, lots of enemies and tentacles/tornadoes or something and I'm down to 30.


I mean these setting: Warframe0072.jpg


You can see my normal config in the picture. I'm using Warframe in DX11 64bit mode. I don't know why I can't turn on Physx, I have both the newest drivers for my Geforce and Physx (340.52 WHQL).

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