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Warframe And Kubrow Mini-Games In Arsenal/dojo/somewhere


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This popped on my head after playing Happy Zephyr for while. 


Warframe mini-games, like Happy Zephyr, would be accessible in arsenal.


1) Riplining Valkyr

You are Valkyr who just woke up after falling down in super long deep freaky mysterious phenomenal endless sink hole that is so freaky that you don't know why. You have nothing but launchers that can shoot ripline. The only way to get out of this long deep freaky mysterious endless hole is by shooting ripline at the wall. But you will have to avoid hitting super sharp objects and some freaky natives such as anteater-spider hybrids and mole rats that look like giraffes that happen to lurk within the wall. But wait, that's not all. Once you start your first ripline, the bottom will suddenly spurt lava or acid that can make you have a bad day. If you touch anything that is not wall, game over. If your ripline hit anything that is not wall, you have 1 or 2 seconds to shoot another ripline.


Think this as Ice Tower game, except there's no platform and you're not jumping. You still have to get highest height you can reach with ripline. In term of camera, this would be similar view as Happy Zephyr.


2) Banshee Musical

You are Banshee,a frame that can manipulate sound. Just hit random key that is ABC and number to make random sound and you can make music out of Banshee's suit. This is pretty much free style. 


3) Run Rhino Run

You are Rhino who has been tasked to bring extremely valuable datamass that look like a fancy briefcase. The enemies will be Grineer that will pop out of tread mill-like ground along with some obstacles such as wall and fence/rail. They will spawn in 6 or 7 unit wide and start with 1 row at a time. The number of row will increase as mini game get harder.

Imagine you're in Obstacle Course (dojo) where you have to run around pillars that pop out of floor.


You can use Rhino Charge to run over an enemy, but you can't use Rhino Charge against wall or fence/rail. You will die if you do that. You can jump over fence/rail and small enemies such as Grineer Butchers, but you can't jump over the wall and large enemies such as heavy gunner/napalm. You will have to either use Rhino Charge or move aside. 


If you jump onto enemy, you die. You fail to jump over fence/rail, you die. If you ran into wall, you die.


The enemies will be immobile, just like walls and fence/rail. Enemies can still shoot, but they will shoot one projectile at a time with short-long interval. You will have to avoid it. How fast you run will depend on your current set up.


Here's an example to show you what I mean. let's say you're in level one or just started.

R is Rhino, E is enemy, W is wall, F/R is fence/rail, and the word "space" is unoccupied.


W W Space W W E


E F/R E Space Space W


W W E E F/R Space


Space Space W E E F/R


W Space W W W F/R


W W Space W W Space




R <---That's you running toward one row at time, directly toward an enemy. As game get harder, you will run 2 or more rows at a time. And later, no distance/time gap between the rows.



Once you press W button, Rhino will run nonstop so you only need to press W button once and only way to move him is by moving sideway which is A and D button. Rhino Charge is 1 or Q or any button while space bar is jump. Oh, you can't shoot, because you have no weapon.

Your goal is run as far as you can.


Camera view would be 3rd person, but no rotating camera. Zoom-out would be similar as Happy Zephyr. And you can't see far as in game.


4) Mag's Pull or Don't

You are Mag, who has been tasked to use your Pull skill to pull valuable objects up while being in ventilation vent with opening that is directly above the conveyor belt. You are in Corpus Robotic Factory.


Your goal is to pull valuable objects as many as you can without pulling dangerous objects or enemies. Basically, you are claw machine (a machine with bunch of prizes inside and you can only pick one of them with a claw). 


Some valuable objects will have similar appearance as most of MOAs and Ospreys. Dangerous objects would be explosive. And you can only pull one at a time. No AOE.


At beginning, the conveyor belt will move slow and will slightly move faster as the game goes on. It will start with one object at a time in beginning. You cannot miss more than three valuable objects and you cannot pull a single dangerous object (explosive barrel for example) or enemy. It will be game over.



Kubrow Mini-games, can be accessible in dojo or special node of planet. Some mini-games are multi-players


1) Sahasa's Search and Dig (multi-players, 4 players max)

You are Sahasa Kubrow on Earth. Your Tenno master ordered you to locate a buried valuable cache containing weapon/resource/something and your Tenno master can't be bother to do it, because he/she is too busy. So you have to do in your master's stead. However, you're not the only Sahasa looking for hidden cache. You are competing with other Sahasa Kubrows, so this will be competition on who can locate the cache first and dig up quickly.


All Kubrow will spawn in same starting point.


Unlike Tenno, Kubrow will not have waypoint. Instead, it will have a futuristic compass that can point you to hidden cache if you're moving in right direction. If you're on cache dig spot, compass will spin and will beep. Be warned that compass is not always accurate as it will mistake Earth predators that are buried underground as cache. If you move close to burrowed predator, it will quickly pop out and hit you, causing you to respawn at starting point and the predator will burrow itself. You can avoid getting hit if you react and move fast. You have unlimited "lives".


Movement is WASD with space bar being jump and x being Dig. E is Tackle, which cause you tackle or headbutt other Kubrow, causing it to get knock back few distance and has chance to be temporarily stun with cooldown (5 to 10 seconds before you can have chance to cause stun). You can use Tackle to disrupt other Kubrow from digging or against feral Kubrow/predator/critters.


Thinking two different alternatives for digging. First is using Dig on cache dig spot will take five to ten seconds while second is you have to repeatedly mash X button to dig cache up. 


Once you hit cache while digging, you have to press C or Z to pull it out. After that, you win. There is a time limit which you and others can vote before the game start: Five to Thirty minutes.



2) Shh, Huras is hunting...(Single player, accessible via special node of Earth)

You are Huras on Earth, because you're hungry and you want real food, not some artificial foods like your Tenno master have on ship. This is combination of Search and Find and Stealth, meaning you have find a prey that you can take on (depending on your Huras' mastery rank) without openly engaging the hostile natives such as feral Kubrows, other predators, territorial critters, etc. If you do, every single hostiles in area will come after you and will gang up on you.


All you can do is Cloak and Stealth attack (which is same as Tenno's assassination move). Depending on what wildlife and the distance between you and them, the Cloak's effectiveness varies. The Cloak will last 1 to 30 seconds, depending on your Huras' rank and either cost no energy or cost 25 energy and you have to find energy orb that will periodically spawn in random location, close or far from the hostiles. The preys and predators will display their level.


Some preys are vicious while some are timid. Vicious ones will attack you while timid ones will run away if you failed to be stealthy. To capture prey, you have to creep on behind and use Stealth Attack. Like Cloak, Stealth Attack's effectiveness varies. If your Huras ranked 30, you will have higher chance of successfully capture your prey. Time limit is ten to thirty minutes. 


Preys (Vicious):

1) Bear-sized pigs/hogs with multiple horns and instead of hooves, they have bear paws. 

2) Horse-sized lizard with six legs and two heads, one on each end. Both heads are capable of shooting high velocity tongue.

3) Dog-sized Koala-Platypus hybrids with muscular upper body. Usually lurk around in water.


Preys (Timid)

1) Deer with multiple pairs of antlers and have monkey-like limbs. Favorite meal of Feral Kubrows

2) Large frog with multiple eyes. They like to be close to or in water.



1) Feral Kubrows 

2) Flesh eating plants. There has to be some plants that can eat Grineer alive.

3) horse-sized Praying Mantis with two pairs of sharp blades and have no wings. Have 4 insectoid legs.  They like to climb trees.

4) Armadillo with claws and large mouth filled with razor sharp fangs. They like to burrow underground and wait for prey to appear. 



3) Kubrow Fashion Show (accessible in special room with special console in Dojo. Can have over 4 players)

Hopefully, Kubrows get armors and scarves. Maybe some mittens to make them look nice and fuzzy. Along with Kubrow emotes such as flipping backward in air or wigging tail like on ship.This is a mini-game where you (the Tenno) to dress your Kubrow up via special console in Dojo. Only 4 to 8 players can enter their Kubrows in fashion show and only 1 to ten non contestant players can be judges. All players (clan members or not) can be contestants and judges.


Special room: Kubrow Fashion Stage Room, a spacious room with circular stage located in the center of room while Judge Consoles located close to the stage.


The contestants must wait until all contestants are at Dress Up consoles AND when one Judge click "Begin". The contestants have one to two minutes to make your Kubrow look presentable. Once time's up, the Judges will give your Kubrow a score. 



What do you think? Just some ideas. 

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