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Large selling list that i'll try to keep organized by type and alphabetically. Mods are unranked unless otherwise noted. Looking for 5p for anything unless noted.


List last updated Sep. 20,  7:10 P.M.


Aura Mods:                               

Pistol Scavenger

Shotgun Scavenger

Sniper Scavenger

Speed Holster


Warframe Mods:


Enemy Sense



Narrow Minded

Natural Talent





Rifle/Sniper/Bow Mods:

Charged Chamber


Malignant Force

Metal Auger


Vital Sense



Shotgun Mods:

Ammo Mutation

Accelerated Blast


Shotgun Spazz

Toxic Barrage


Secondary Mods:

Deep Freeze

Hollow Point

Hornet Strike

Magnum Force


Melee Mods:

Corrupt Charge

Energy Channel

Focus Energy

Heavy Trauma

Power Throw

Rending Strike

Sundering Strike

Virulent Scourge


Stance Mods:

Coiling Viper

Crimson Dervish - 10p

Crossing Snakes

Gemini Cross

Iron Phoenix

Swirling Tiger

Tranquil Cleave - 10p


Sentinel Mods:

Fired Up



Kubrow Mods:

Link Health



Prime Parts:

Boar Barrel/BP/Reciever

Boltor Barrel/Stock

Braton Stock

Bronco BP

Dakra Handle

Ember Chassis/Helmet

Frost BP/Chassis/Helmet

Glaive BP

Lex Barrel

Mag BP/Chassis/Helmet

Paris BP/Grip/LowerLimb/String

Rhino Helmet/Systems

Sicarus Barrel

Wyrm BP


Best method is just to contact me in game when possible, IGN: IRawrFood. Otherwise leave a forum post/friend in game and ill get back to it ASAP.

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I am interested in next mods:


Energy Siphon -> BOUGHT
Rending Strike
Malignant Force
Streamline -> BOUGHT
Split Chamber -> BOUGHT
Vital Sense -> BOUGHT
Blaze -> BOUGHT
Hell's Chamber
Ravage -> BOUGHT
Hornet Strike -> BOUGHT
Focus Energy -> BOUGHT
Heavy Trauma -> BOUGHT

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