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Good question! Post-update, you may want to try hunting just about anywhere, though I think higher level maps drop more mods. There's actually no specific place to find mods, you know?


Try Grineer-heavy missions, they tend to drop multishot. The higher the level mob (enemies), the better your chances.

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Way I heard it, Grineer Mobile Defense missions are the way to go for that particular mod.  And while I couldn't swear that they've an elevated droprate there, I can tell you that I got my very first multishot earlier this morning after farming Ceres/Sedna Mobile Defenses for 3ish hours.


Given that I've played the game about 110 hours without even seeing any multishots and one dropped after only a few hours there, I know where I'm going to hunt for the Pistol and Shotgun variants.

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i finally got my hell's chamber mod from my third run on kappa (sedna mobile defense). been playing a lot before that and never got a drop. also finally got my north wind from a high level infested alert mission.  Now if only i could find a flow mod i'd be set :D

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