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Randomization In Mods And Equipment


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This kind of goes along with my other topic here.



As I said there, I feel that in a game that is as centered around repeatable content as warframe is, randomization helps keep things feeling interesting and fresh.  So I thought we could share some ideas about randomization in gear, I have no idea if this has been discussed before, or if DE has flat out said no to this as I am new to the game.


Random blueprints

I am trying to keep these ideas somewhat within current design.  With that, I think that it would add a lot of dept to the item hunt if there were randomized blueprints.  What I mean by that is that say you have a small chance of seeing a blueprint drop off of certain enemies (maybe even the ones that use them.)  And these blueprints would have random affixes, suffixes or whatever.  Some examples.


Scorching Lex- A lex that has it's innate damage type changed to fire.


Auto Lex- A lex that has it's innate fire rate increased and its mag size increased.


Cannibal Viper- A viper that has the effect of the pistol ammo mutator mod on it at all times.


Gorgon Leech- A gorgon that heals you for X amount every hit.


Now, I understand a lot of this could be very broken.  So I think they should evaluate the potential damage for certain weapons and only give this treatment to ones that don't do well in the endgame.  Or have it to where it is a weighted system, yeah I just got a "Soma Leech" but it has -10 capacity, etc.


Random Mods

I think it would be very interesting if there was another type of mod.  It would be in the same vein as nightmare mods and corrupted mods.  They should also be extremely rare.  They would have no ranks, and they could not exceed the values of a maxed out mod.  In fact I would say that they should cap out at around rank 7 values.  You should only be able to use one of them at a time.


I think there should be 4 potential variables to these mods, 2 possible stats, and then polarity and capacity.  And the affix and suffix combination should reflect the stats on it, some things can only be one or the other.  Examples.


Fleeting Fortification- X% increase to dash speed, X% increase to armor.


Unstoppable Pain- X% increase to knockdown resist X% decrease to health.


Just stuff like this.  And the mod polarity should be totally random, and the capacity should be weighted to the stats given.  So in the above examples "Fleeting Fortification"  since they are both positive attributes, it would increase the capacity in accordance to what % it rolls with.  But with the second one "Unstoppable Pain" it would decrease the capacity in accordance to the percentage on the negative modifier.


I think these should be legendary mods, and be very hard to obtain.


But yeah, I would love to hear if this has all been suggested before, or if this is all total horse pucky.  I just think the game is fantastic and the developers are too.  And I think things like this could have people playing the game for many years to come.  I know I would anyway.

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Why would you want to add an extra layer of RNG? First they are "extremly rare" and then their stats are also randomized.

Also there's some thought behind mod polarities, "mod polarity should be totally random" destroys that.


Well keep in mind this is all just my opinion.  I am one of those people that like knowing that there is some super rare mod or weapon that I could possibly get out there, even if I will probably never get it.  That is basically the idea behind it, and you are right about the mod polarity.  It was just me trying to make the perfect mod hard to obtain.  I know if was to get an awesome mod that had a really nonsense polarity I would probably forma the weapon for it.  But that same thing also makes it kinda pointless too.


But again this is just me, I love random loot.

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And here I was worried this would be a suggestion to turn Warframe into Borderlands.


The concept does sound interesting on paper, if a little cheesy, but I could imagine something like this being done on Nightmare or Alert missions. Probably shouldn't have too much randomness to it, though; like you mentioned, just have a prefix added to an otherwise low-tier weapon to give it a nifty new trick that you can recognize without having to craft it first.

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just have a prefix added to an otherwise low-tier weapon to give it a nifty new trick that you can recognize without having to craft it first.


Yeah you got it.  The entier premise isn't really that I want the gear to be extremely randomized. Just maybe one thing that is different, in this game that one thing could add a lot of potential, with mods and such.


I really love the penta, It is one of my favorites.  I would love to have a reason to continue making them until I had one that had the "cannibal" attribute I exampled. All that would essentially do is make it to where I don't need to use the mod, and free it up for something else if I was even going to use it.


They have so many great weapons in the game.  The idea is basically to allow us to continue to construct our favorites until we get one that we really like, or hell get 5 that we really like.  And maybe in the process take some of the weapons that are generally considered useless and give them some potential.

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+1 I also love random loot.  I was going to suggest we might have affixes and suffixes on all mods but then I realized the horror of having that many variations per mod would cause to the mod UI... *shudders* we would have to have a better filter or search feature implemented if that were the case.

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