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Extraction Waypoint Off Of Map.


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I was doing the orokin reactor alert solo with my kubrow. I destroyed the reactor and ran towards the exit, however when i reached a specific room (the very big room with the central computer area in the middle and several paths leading to different tunnels) i was on the top floor and suddenly the mission waypoint jumped a bit and pointed below me. Having the waypoint say i'm 'above' my target is nothing new, but i hadn't changed my vertical height at all, after finding the right door, i found the extraction platform, but extraction wouldn't happen, the waypoint still said it was far ahead (off the map) and I was unable to complete the mission.


Nothing of note happened besides i died/revived twice in the mission and the alert timed out while i was in progress, I ended up having to abandon the mission and I'm sad i didn't get the reactor ;_; I can't think of anything that would have triggered the waypoint moving. Sorry for the lack of details. The only thing i thought was odd was that when i jumped off the map to try and find the extraction, the area below me looked like another map tile i've seen on the planet, but had not seen in this specific mission. (it looked like a room i'd seen before, but i was unable to jump down to it, i would simply respawn on the extraction platform) Spent about ten-twenty minutes running back through the mission making sure i didn't miss a passage... All other doors were locked and there was no where else to go. (i'm posting this right after quitting the mission, just for a timeframe)

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