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Last Chance For Renown Pack!


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Pack will retire on September 23rd

The Renown Pack’s days are numbered! 
Grab this awesome deal and customize your Warframe with the PS4™Exclusive -- Obsidian Yomo Syandana. Use the included 170 Platinum to super charge your Arsenal!
The Renown Pack will retire on the following dates:
North and South America: Sept. 23
Asia:  Sept. 23
Japan: Sept. 23
Europe/Australia: Sept. 24
PlayStation®Plus members get up to 20% off!
This pack may only be purchased once per account. 
Get it before it’s gone!
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IMO, don't buy this pack if you think you are going to get a special syandana. I made that mistake, it is only the regular yomo syandana only worse because you can't even customize the colors. At least the plat is fair though. I was really disappointed by DE's choices here.

We definitely heard the feedback. I'm very excited for the next Renown Pack (which may or may not be coming soon). 

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So, does that mean that the obsidian yomo is staying as is?

Also, this next one better be good, I want the item to be the reason I buy it not the plat.


I don't presume to speak for DE but I am pretty certain they won't be changing the existing Obsidian Yomo. Even if almost everyone hated it, there could be that one person who does like it. How would that person feel if they changed it? Would they be entitled to a refund? If they were refused a refund could they pursue legal action? Would this look bad for DE? Would this look bad for Sony too?


These are the times we live in.

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