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Need Help With My Excalibur Build



Hello people. I need your opinion on this 2 forma build im using for almost everything http://goo.gl/LPJT6j


I tried it out in t2 and t3 survivals and found myself not using slash dash a lot.


I'm thinking of replacing the mods to become like this http://goo.gl/jDhdhk


Without slash dash I figured I wouldn't need to increase power duration and now don't know what I should fill in now. I haven't been to t4 survival, defense and interception so I don't know what I should prepare for.


Any help would be appreciated thanks

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I'm not entirely sure why you have Narrow Minded, Overextended, AND Fleeting Experience. I find that you usually try and maximize one stat based on the power you use most often, which means one, maybe two corrupted mods. As you have it right now:

+70 Efficiency

+44 Duration

+54 Range

-60 Power Strength

Since you're only using Slash Dash and Radial Blind, I can kind of see what you're going for, but what with your huge penalty to power strength, it's no wonder that you're not using Slash Dash very often, since efficiency, duration, and range benefit Radial Blind the most.


I would personally advise not making any serious Excalibur builds until DE figures out what they're doing with him, especially concerning his Radial Blind, but if he's a favourite or you don't have many frames otherwise, it can't be avoided.

Since one of the benefits of Radial Blind is the stealth melee damage bonus, I say swap Narrow Minded out for a Stretch, to get the farthest reach you can, change Rifle Amp out for a Steel Charge and use melee weapons when the enemies are blinded. Otherwise, keep Rifle Amp and use the blind to run away to get to a better vantage point, and shoot them from farther away.


The loss of extra duration is covered by the higher efficiency, and if you've got a good squad, the enemies would be dead before the extra duration would even matter, so the extra range would be better over that.

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