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The Nurff Buff - Warframes


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I understand the people want balance and that makes sense.... but ive noticed these nerds complain about warframes being over powered. alot of these randoms just go on here and just spam skills over and over while others troll. its annoying for some who actually play the warframe properly. vauban got a nurff and thats pissing alot of people who enjoy the way he plays. with the recent update to the infested vaubans skills have become more useless while ember and ember prime is pretty much as usefull as credits. a frame that was specialized in killing infested now has absolutely no use. nurffing excaliburs blind to a line of sight is useless, causing you to spend more energy with his short energy pool. he only has 2 useful skills slash dash and radial blind. what else is he good for "super jump?" people who complain i have found are those who dont play the game properly and spoil the fun for the rest. i use about 90% of the frames in the game and each one has a special tatic that needs to be used, with all these nurffs it makes a good number of useful frames useless. especially when you spent so much time putting forma into them. i spent like 5 forma into frost prime, 4 in regular frost, 3 into vauban etc.... people run around with bows with defensive frames and just sit there at the top of some tilesets and throw bows around. u got skills use them tactful. too much trolling and too much waste.


what might make this game better and more challenging is increasing skill level on enemies, giving them more health and shield and armor. allowing warframes to do skill combos, more boss fights, more boss assasinations while ur on there planet. say like sg. ruk comes in one of your exterminate missions or intervenes while you are on his planet... instead of nurfing all the warframes add more missions and challenges and side quests... more galaxies with different missions


force the players to actually use the skills to survive instead of nurffing. even with my skill level i dont mind the challenge i think its great and keeping it fresh.


like give valkyr the ability to use a primary weapon, with that high armour that would be useful. ember and ember prime is useless against infested now, hydroid could use a higher energy pool.  just sayin


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this is not up for debate, arguement, only stating my opinnion on the facts ive seen.


interesting how upset ur getting over an online gaming post. i wrote this to point out facts that are concerning and figured id put it out there so your frustrated response can continue if they want. I dont really care, clearly any online game will make changes and thats normal. buffs or nurfs whatever will continue.


i find it interesting the many complaints about the nurfs and the buffs unbalance the game further on top of those who like to troll ruin the gaming experience.


*and no im not patronizing, if you want i can show you patronizing lol*


moving on...

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oberon needed the buff, a warframe with much potential just wasnt cutting it enough... vauban still can be usefull but ull have to use energy restores, energy siphon, intensify and blind rage to get that maximum use again but it will cost something in return which is dredful. excaliburs blind has taken a backseat and its pretty upsetting, maybe if they improve the radial javalin might give him some usage. and with nyx prime on its way i hope they dont do too much to nyx. im counting on ember and ember prime to be looked at again. her skils are doing it anymore and i doubt ill see anyone use her. Ill still make it work somehow lol.

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