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Ds Conflict Balance Idea From The Perspective Of Moba


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I've seen a lot of threads complaining about the snowballing in Dark Sector Conflict and certain skills being OP. I'd like to offer some of my thoughts on this. 


A little background of me: I've played DS Conflict extensively and have more than 1000 kills, with a K/D of 1.2. I use Valkyr and Saryn exclusively and I didn't exploit "OP" skills such as Hysteria before nerf. 


DE has stated that the DS Conflict design is inspired by MOBA. From this point, the snowballing and certain skills being powerful are fully expected. Afterall, the whole point of a MOBA is to level up faster than your opponents and get badass skill (and stats) faster. Therefore, the problem with Warframe's DS Conflict is not snowballing or skills being "OP" per se. It's because those skills are SPAMMABLE, resulting in the losing side having absolutely ZERO chance of escaping the snowball effect. 


Thus, I propose these: 


1. Cooldown for skills, not energy for skills: 


 If Bladestorm can be only cast every one minute, it would become a tactical skill. You'd save it until you truly need it. 


2. Killing mobs (and picking up energy) decreases skill cool downs: 


So that players have incentive to go for kills even after they have leveled to max level. Currently, once I leveled up enough to get Vitality, Serration and Split Chamber, I have little motivation to shoot those heavy gunners. 


3. But killing mobs WITH SKILLS has no effect on the cool down timer. ONLY kills with guns and melee count: 


So that you can't cast an AOE skill, get tons of kills and immediately decrease the timer to zero and just cast the skill again. --This is essentially what COD: Black Ops did for killstreak reward: the kills you get from killstreak reward do not count into your killstreak number. 


4. Allow players to change their loadouts DURING the matches: 


Currently, if I see an Ash spamming Bladestorm, ideally I want to have a Valkyr with Hysteria. But if I start the match with Saryn, I can't switch loadout. 


5. A loadout switch cool down timer or a loadout switch station that must be contested by both sides: 


So that loadout switching cannot be spammed. 


6. And finally, allow the losing side to surrender, like in every RTS and MOBA, by typing "GG" and surrendering. 


Accepting a surrender still counts as a win for the winning side and grants battlepay. 

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Yes, let's make it even more boring and a chore.


So, have you heard of this game called Warframe? It's mainly about killing dumb AI enemies with little intelligence, grinding for hours for useless stuff, and generally very easy. Does that sounds boring and a chore to you? 


Guess not. Because you found this exciting enough to buy the grandmaster pack. 


/sarcasm end


If you look for high octane PVP gameplay, just go play Quake Live or something.  

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Hey elele, 


- 1 minute cool down for an ultimate is way too long. If this were implemented,there is no way I can fight 4 people without respawn timers, which will slow down the game significantly and further complicating matters. 


- The suggested cool downs will also require a reworking of rails (less health on rails or higher impacting victories). This will directly affect battle pay and instill rage into mercs (Slower games= less money, or less victories needed = less money). 


- We shouldn't be allowed to switch builds once we make our decision because this is not "Call of Duty".


- No surrender, no retreat, and I doubt alliances will be okay with giving out full battle pay for losses/surrenders. 







Edit: Some typos for clarity.

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