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Wts 720 Hours Worth Of Mods, Blueprints And Parts

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If you are interested in anything, please message me in game, that is the fastest way to get a hold of me.  I am looking for platinum only.



8/10 Link Shield


Mods (All Unranked)

Arrow Mutation x1

Barrel Diffusion x10 x9

Bite x1

Blaze x2

Burdened Magazine x3

Corrupt Charge x7 x6

Critical Delay

Energy Channel x6

Fired up x17 x16

Fleeting Expertise

Flow x10

Hammer Shot x2

Heavy Trauma x6

Hell's Chamber x16

Hollow Point x2


Master Thief x2

Metal Auger x6

Narrow Minded x1

Natural Talent x10

Pistol Amoo Mutation x4

Power Throw x17

Ravage x6

Rifle Ammo Mutation x1

Seeker x2

Sniper Ammo Mutation x7

Split Chamber

Spoiled Strike

Steady Hands x15

Streamline x14

Sundering Strike x12

Sure Footed x1

Tainted Clip x8

Tainted Mag x9

Tainted Shell x4

Thunderbolt x5

Vicious Spread x2

Vile Precision x10

Vital Sense x19


Stances (All Unranked)

Brutal Tide x1

Coiling Viper x2

Crimson Dervish x1

Crossing Snakes x2

Gleaming Talon x1

Gnashing Payara x1

Iron Phoenix x5

Seismic Palm x1

Tranquil Cleave x2


Prime Warframes

Ember Prime Blueprint x1

Ember Prime Chassis x12

Ember Prime Helmet x10

Forst Prime Blueprint x4 x3

Frost Prime Helmet x14

Frost Prime Systems x9

Mag Prime Blueprint x48

Mag Prime Chassis x51

Mag Prime Helmet x2

Rhino Prime Chassis

Rhino Prime Systems x4


Prime Weapons

Akbronco Prime Link x7

BO Prime Blueprint x1

BO Prime Ornament x6

Boar Prime BLueprint x22

Boar Prime Receiver x4

Boar Prime Stock x3

Boltor Prime Barrel x10 x9 x8

Boltor Prime Reciever

Boltor Prime Stock x3 x2

Braton Prime Blueprint x6

Braton Prime Stock x2

Bronco Prime Barrel x11

Bronco Prime Receiver x6

Burston Prime Barrel x62

Burston Prime Receiver x1

Dakra Prime Blade x12

Fang Prime Blade x7

Glaive Prime Blueprint x7

Glaive Prime Disc x5

Latron Prime Receiver x43

Lex Prime Barrel x1

Orthos Prime Blade x1

Orthos Prime Blueprint x11

Orthos Prime Handle x4

Paris Prime Blueprint x4

Paris Prime Lower Limb x1

Paris Prime String x2 x1

Reaper Blade x2

Reaper Handle x4

Reaper Prime Blueprint x7

Sicarus Prime Barrel x45

Sicarus Prime Blueprint x5

Sicarus Prime Receiver x8

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