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My 3 Key Needs A Break


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My left index finger needs a break. =/


Seriously though after three 20 min void runs in a row I actually had to take a break. Its surprising for me because my hands have had so much exercise over the course of my lifetime starting with the gameboy for several hours a day just as a wee young lad. ^_^

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he meant to say change the keybind...


Are you sure he meant that?


Making a macro would be nice, but either way, I couldn't switch frames without spamming whatever is on 3 unless I disable it whenever I am off of Nekros. Changing the controls every time I wanna either use or stop using Nekros would get old.


As much as you use the skill while using Nekros, it needs to be a hold function since it's only like 65% chance to desecrate.


It's even worse with Natural Talent.

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