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Next Prime Access "accessory Pack", Can That Include A Wee Bit Of Plat?


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I wanted to buy the last one but the lack of plat that comes with it, held me back.


I expect the next one to have some pretty awesome cosmetics but still, it could use a little metal love like the other packs.


I doubt this will be considered but it doesn't hurt to ask I guess.



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I doubt we will see plat in the accessory pack any time, it is all marketing. And for the 90 day booster once you got used to the boosters you don't want to play without them. So in my opinion it is fine like it is.

Yup. I have made comments to similar post like this... I like the way it is. But DE might, however, if enough players requesting, sell the accessory pack just only five dollars less without the 90-day booster, and may put that with the main package with just only five dollars more. And that may not be bad idea at all. By then those players may understand better the value of the 90-day booster a little better.

And to OP, that would be great... I hope for more plats in general, like those packages before. But then again it could be the reason of the amount of plats got reduced in last package somewhat due to players comments.

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