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How Is Lephantis Buggy? It's Over 9000!


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I just today had a boss run (guess what...) and everything was normal until we went to the boss' room:

We stayed all 4 running around like lost bugs, no Lephantis appearing and us only doing nothing... the game frozen for a couple seconds and we've been brought immediately in the second part of the fight.

After a couple (a lot) of chatting asking what happened we decided to kill it anyway... and when it died its big dead body stayed in midair with the grineer head making a respectful dance move, stuck too with the rest of the body. the game frozen up again for a bit and turned back to normal in just a couple second... after some jokes about that game experience, we got to elevator and what we found? the barrier from the 1st stage of the boss was there and us trapped.

Aborted mission and remade the run.

This time the heads slowed down by molecular prime, once dead, they won't die instantly but at 10% of the health they make a death animation and just come behind you completely invisible but able to attack... luckly everything else after that came back to normal and we were able to get to extraction.


Well, the title is 100% appropriate for me, or better: 9000% RIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!


(P.S. me and my friend's ping is usually ever on 10/15... there was a "liiiitle bit" more there, like 80 or something bigger)

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I had the invisble Heads too once, but i carried a new guy through the run  and killed the heads but for him they were still alive. So i had invisible dead heads that were still attacking me and dealing dmg while he was still fighting on his own since i couldn 't see them nor dealing dmg (same happend in stage 2).

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