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Invasion = Void Resource Drops


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I like getting Argon Crystals from Phorid. It's not lore-compliant (or is it O_o) but it makes getting them a hell of a lot easier.


damn, right, that's certainly something that should stay. best way to farm argon.

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That annoying bug is still there...

I have a stack of about 800 - 1000 Control Modules. They drop in large quantities (highest was 22 in a mission, 10+ is quite common, and still in Invasions. When I run an Invasion mission on Saturn I would like the chance on Orokin cells, not more of the frelling control modules.

Sure, its nice for some because of the Argon Crystals, but either DE intends for them to drop somewhere outside the void, then put it there for all to see, or they don't, then it should go. But the other Void materials are really the most uninteresting thing everywhere.


Some time in the past, I worked hard for control modules, they were rare and hard to get...

Now I won't need them anymore for the rest of my warframe life - something I cannot say about ANY other ressource, cause the other ones I have much of are used in large quantities.


Give us back the planet drop tables please.

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something I cannot say about ANY other ressource



Anyway, with almost 3k CM sitting in my inventory, I agree that they drop far too often. We shouldn't go back to the pre-void times, when you had to beat up Hyena for them and were happy if it dropped two. But when DE cranked up the drop chance and numbers for the research resources, they overdid it a little.

I suggested to Megan that we might get a scrap dealer in the lower levels of the hubs, who buys (just buys, he doesn't sell to us - or maybe he could, but only for plat (alternate interface for buying resources from the market)) our surplus resources cheap. He'd probably be flooded with Control Modules, Corpus rejoice ...

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