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Won't You Come Play With Us?


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MIAClan or Mercenaries International Alliance is now recruiting for WarFrame.
This is Not an Alliance it's a clan.

What We Offer.

‣ A Friendly Environment.

‣ Mature Gamer's from Around the World.

‣ A Dojo that has finished Research and Easy to Navigate Design.

‣ Close Beta Players so we know what we are doing. lol

‣ Clan Emblem is in Work (We wanted it to look good and not hurry it)

‣ The MIA clan has over 200 members from all over the world. We play many games like BF4, DayZ and League of Legends and CounterStrike as well as Play4Free.

‣ MIA was Started in 2005, so tons of Experience in Managing a Dojo and Clan.

‣ We will Upgrade Barracks / Clan Size if the Limit has been reached.

How to Join MIA.

If you just want to Hang out with us in TeamSpeak, You're welcome to do so. (Check Teamspeak Info Section in this Post)

‣ Go to http://MIAClan.net

‣ Click on Register at the top right corner and create an account.

‣ Once you are registered and logged into the site, go to the home page.

‣ Then click on "Join Us" at the top bar and fill out the form.

‣ That's it you're good to go now next step is to join TeamSpeak. (TeamSpeak info can be found in Teamspeak Section of this Post)

What we want from You.

‣ No history of Hacking.

‣ No Cursing/Swearing on TeamSpeak and on Forums (We're a Family clan. It means that Couples and Kids hangout in TeamSpeak, So we don't want them to Get a Bad Impression).

‣ Microphone and a TeamSpeak Client.

‣ Speak English.

‣ Age 17 and up. (If you're below 17 you can still hangout with us and chat, but you won't become a full member)

‣ No Racial, Political or Religious Slurs.

TeamSpeak Info.

‣ Download Teamspeak Client from TeamSpeak

‣ Install and Launch Teamspeak Cleint.

‣ Click on Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks > Add Bookmarks (Top Left in New Window)

‣ Label = MIACLAN , Address = , Nickname = Your IGN , There is no Password for Server Password Field So leave it Blank , And click Ok.

‣ Now to Connect to the MIA Teamspeak Server Click on Bookmarks and MIACLAN or Whatever you named it in Label Field.

‣ If you don't find anyone in Welcome channel that doesn't mean we are not there, our Teamspeak is locked to protect our rules and protect from spammers, So that means you will need an icon to access Teamspeak, Just wait for someone to show up and give you an icon, it won't take long for a member to join and give you an icon.


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Well, how about this


My Name is WRXS or you can call me Andrea.  I am second in command at the MIA clan.  We are a social gaming clan that plays many PC games as well as console.  Come check us out at www.miaclan.net


How is that ;)

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