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Help Me Choose A Fun Frame... (Limited Only To Choices Given)



The title says it all...  FUN FRAME

Please tell me which frame that you enjoy running on missions purely because you love playing that specific Warframe...























The frames I haven't listed are the frames I already have... (Primed or not, it doesn't matter.)



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I would say Saryn, I think she's the most fun in the entire game.


I wouldn't recommend Zephyr, her abilities are just novelty IMO, although like all other frames she has quite a few followers.


I wouldn't go with Nova either, as nuking and running just doesn't seem very fun.


I recommend you watch some videos of these frames and read up on their abilities to find those that mesh with your playstyle.


Good hunting Tenno!

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Zephyr has good Mobility as others have said, and good defense with turbulence. I like using her as a highly mobile melee centric frame.


Saryn's Venom ability is loads of fun IMO, and Molt is interesting and can provide a good decoy target to bunch up enemies for Venom.


Oberon with his recent buffs is also a lot of fun.

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who can say no to tentacle porn


hyddroiddd because tentacles :D


Hydroid, because who DOESN'T want to command bombardments from nowhere, dash forward in a tidal wave, turn into a puddle that's deeper than it looks, and cause giant tentacles to wreck things?!?


What all of these guys said :D Hydroid and Zephyr are two of my favourite frames purely because of the fun factor.





take nova on a defense mission where you re surrender by zillion of enmies 


press 4, kill


 and enjoy the screen


Don't worry, the novalty soon wears off (geddit?!).


In all seriousness though, the only thing I still find fun about Nova is wormholes.

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