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Tenno Communicating


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So I made a joke about Tenno texting each other sense they can't talk but then it got me thinking, how do Tenno communicate?

I assume it either telepathically. Going of the fact that we as Tenno talk to each other during missions but going by instance in lore referring to Tenno being mute or silent no one else can hear us.

Or texting. I mean based off of how they use menus and catalogs all it really seems to take is eye movement or something to select stuff, so they could easily be picking out letters and such with quick looks to form sentences.


Anyone else got thoughts on the matter?

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Based on what I know lore wise, Tenno use a mental link for communication.

It isn't as precise as the one the Lotus uses to connect to us (broadcasting thoughts like that takes some very powerful and large machines)

More or less communication in the field is done through shared instincts.

Tenno know what their nearby allies are doing, as well as what they are going to do next.

Watch the open beta trailer, and take a look at the Loki/rhino punch part to see what I mean.

It is rather effective method of in-combat communication, as it is instant as well as being secure (relatively speaking)

Other evidence includes actions in other trailers

As well as the fact that Tenno seem to be able to avoid harming each other, even when slinging out wads of antimatter.

There is more, but I feel that is enough for now

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Given the "laughter" of Mirage stated during her questline, I like to think that the Tenno supper from Expressive Aphasia - basically they can only make a small handful of sounds, even though they are fully capable of processing complete thoughts and taking orders. So while the mirage of yore could (only) laugh, I'd imagine that one Tenno out there could only mutter "Infested" or another could only hum.


NOW! As for us players being able to communicate via words, I think that's just a necessity of online gaming. I don't think our Tenno are actually able to send complete sentences via text or anything to one another (if it were a first-person game I'd retract that statement and label it as a HuD feature of their armor) but instead we have a series of common gestures and whatnot that have been developed by the Tenno over the years they were at war with the Sentients. A little weird, but this is a sci-fi-fantasy universe, things are allowed to be weird.

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