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I had this idea a while ago like back when mods were not stacked, but I just now bothered to post it on the forums as it returned to mind again today while selling off my extra mods for credits (just commons and uncommon don't worry)


Basically I think a search or filter bar could be implemented in the mods, inventory, and foundry sections so finding things will be a lot easier especially if you have a lot of junk.


For ex. lets say I wanted to check how many streamlines I have. Instead of having to scroll through the list of mods I could just type in streamline into the search/filter bar then bam! there it is and now I know how many I have.


or a more recent example. I recently rebuilt the karak just to give it another shot. I lvld it to about 15ish and decided that It really wasn't for me.(first time I had it I just powered lvld it.) So I wanted to sell it. So instead of just opening up my inventory and scrolling looking for it on a list of 90 weapons I could just type in Karak then select it and sell it.


It would make things easier.

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