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Hysteria Valkyr



I have some doubts about Valkyr, i use to spam hysteria every time, using channeling and feels like i do tons of dmg because i see some crazy numbers like 20k - 50k dmg per hit with this build (i know a lot of people going to post and say "hysteria sucks" and bla bla bla but is better than depends only on dual ichors), so i request if somebody can explain with numbers how much dmg valkyr does with Hysteria build + weapon equiped +  channeling  please?.


PD: i use to equip fang prime, dual ichors, dragon nikana and orthos prime in my valkyr. 

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All attacks deal damage split evenly between 18px-Impact_b.png Impact , 18px-Puncture_b.png Puncture , and 18px-Slash_b.png Slash .

  • Formula: 300 + 1.75 * Power Strength * Damage mods * Base damage of weapon
    • Weapon that does 30 base damage with +60% damage mod and +30% power strength: 300 + 1.75 * 1.3 * 1.6 * 30 = 409.2 damage
  • Damage is only affected by mods that change base damage (Pressure Point, Spoiled Strike, and Steel Charge).


  • Hysteria gains the Crit Chance and Crit Damage of the equipped melee, in addition to its own Crit Chance of 25% and Crit Damage of 200%
    • Both Crit Chances are applied independently, with the Crit Damage stacking multiplicatively if both crit.
    • There is a small chance of Hysteria producing a crit with 300% Crit Damage.
  • Physical/Elemental damage (Jagged Edge, Fever Strike), Status Chance, proc (Berserker, Melee Channel), Channeling, Range, and Faction Damage mods have no effect on Hysteria.

Hope it is enough as explanation =)


source: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/WARFRAME_Wiki

you can find many good info here =)

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I think its 300 Base Damage + 1.75 * Power Strength * Melee Weapon Base Damage * Damage Mods, where damage mods are only mods that affect base damage, e.g. Pressure Point and Spoiled Strike. I believe attack speed is not dependent on weapon or Fury mods, nor Spoiled Strike's penalty. 


Channeling I believe has a base of 1.5 which is not affected by melee weapon mods. You will have a base 25% Crit Chance that stacks with your weapon's Crit (affected by True Steel) and you will have separate chances to proc the 2.0x multiplier for Hysteria claws and whatever multiplier is on your weapon (Affected by Organ Shatter). According to wiki, in the chances that both proc, they stack multiplicatively.

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I think Valkyr has a bad kit altogether. Her abilities are extremely OP while still mostly useless and she I no way fits the berserker role she was assigned. (Asides from the anger).



U just wrong mate. And please, dont state that Valkyr is OP, only because she now has the only immune to damage ability, she is not OP. Dont like her - dont use her. Its that simple. 


And well that - "extremely OP while still mostly useless" - sorry WHAT? Please at least read what your handhammers type...
To the OP question - Hysteria only affected by direct melee damage buff and crit buff, so I got a separate weapon build for her, it seems that weapon speed has no effect on hysteria speed, so just use the wep with highest base damage, I prefer dragon nikana.
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Ichors: 300 + 35 * 1.75 * 3.8 * 2.29 = 833 @ 40% for 5.7x = 2399 average damage, plus ability 25% @ 2x = 2998.8 average damage/swing

DNikana: 300 + 85.1*1.75*3.8*2.29= 1595.95 @ 24% for 3.8x = 2668.43 average damage, plus ability 25% @ 2x = 3335.5 average damage/swing




The biggest problem with Hysteria is you are forced to IPS damage. The next biggest problem is you lose the benefit of Zerker.


In fact, Hysteria is usually a damage LOSS when using the Dual Ichors. Because of the armor ignore and the proc loss. It's really only competitive when running 4x CP auras, and even then losing the Viral proc could still make it worse.



Note that those final numbers, 2998.8 and 3335.5 don't take into account the 'special circumstance' when both the weapon and the ability crit, stacking the multiplier. Wasn't 100% sure how to quantify that.

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regarding the dichor vs nikana i havent yet brought my nikana into the void, but i did recently run some tests in Hierachon, pluto's DSS. i was using a rank 7/10 blind rage for 72% power strength and of course a rank 3/3 Hysteria


within a 10 minute run, the damage numbers i saw were ( * = the most common)

Hysteria (D.Nikana):

1378*, 1484, 2067 normals // 2968, 5512*, 17808, 23744(only once) criticals


Hysteria (D.Ichors)

758*, 1138, 1517, 1633 normals // 4323, 6484, 8645*, 12968(2-3 times), 13965(only once) criticals




my build on nikana mostly focus on pure elemental damage and + slash, but since the only thing hysteria takes is the Pressure Point and Spoiled Strike (i wish it took jagged edge... or the new mod Buzz Kill) + elements (which dont count)


d.ichors i run a crit build with Pressure Point, Spoiled Strike, True Steel & Organ Shatter + elements (which still dont count)


basically from what i saw, with the higher power strength Nikana does more damage per hit fairly consistently, and when it crits, it HURTS.


with dichors, on the other hand the crits came much more often (and yes i know thats partially cuz it was base nikana crit chance vs the 40% crit dichor build so it's a bit lopsided).


still, i dont like the idea of modding a weapon specifically for a single skill and make it much less optimal outside of that (nikana's crit chance is so low and base dmg so high it just begs for 4 elemental slots), i'll probably continue to use dichors for valkyr, but use nikana for other frames that mostly just do the occasional quick melee

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