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Nova Build?



so after i saw many guys kill bosses in like 5 seconds with nova and kill tons of mobs in T4 survival, i decided to farm for it, and now it is building and i am preparing for it so it has good stuff ready when it comes. I want to know the mods on her for both situations and what primaries you guys use? i am thinking machine gun for it (to charge her 2 ) but no idea which one ( i am a bow guy but i think it wont work well ) and the mods on that weapon. i am currently mastery 3 going to 4 (probably reach it when nova finishes) with maxed clan research tree) any ideas?

Edit: for clarity, i am not sure how it is achieved which is the reason i am asking, i see the tools but i dont know how to use them to kill as efficiently as others. Deciding what i exactly want can come after using a guaranteed success build, i can customize later.

i am looking for a High single target DPS build (for bosses)

second build i am looking for is for ODD basically for the crowd damage

for the guy with the warframe builder, there is a problem that it doesnt come with explanation, and has too much of an investment to just try the builds

ah and also a good machine gun :D

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Soma, or boltor prime work great for charging AMD. As for a build, what are you looking for? Cheap casts? A Mprime that covers the whole room? There are a few things you could do.


This works very well for me at least. http://warframe-builder.com/Warframes/Builder/Nova/t_30_12341120013_1-3-10-4-0-5-5-7-5-6-1-5-7-8-5-8-10-5-12-6-10-55-2-5-93-4-3-94-5-3-95-9-3_4-11-6-6-55-6-1-7-93-4-94-5-12-8-5-9-7-9-95-7-8-14_/en/1-0-13

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