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Harvester "farming", Ghost-Town Gameplay + Drop Table


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I'm not sure how it's going in the other regions but the OCE region becomes a complete ghost town after big updates have passed (Kubrow update lasted a week). Like I mean there's 4 people on the recruiting channel on high traffic hours. It goes without saying that this is obviously due to the lack of content coupled with a bad drop table (so people aren't ATTRACTED to hunting gear), but there I've said it.

So in the mean time I've been creating new Warframe loadouts. Although I technically only need my Rhino Prime to have infinite effectiveness in every match I decided I wanted high-tier Warframes for survival, my favourite match type. I've been gathering stuff to complete my "Reaperfied Nekros" loadout and I feel that all I need at this point is the Detron. This is where I've hit yet another wall in Warframe with a problem that's honestly not so hard to fix with and has been lonnnnggg awaited.

I've completed 32 invasion missions, 28 of which I was marked for the Harvester. I've had a 3 man group for 8 of those and a 2 man group for 5. I've done a huge majority as solo, as most veteran Tenno have done before me. Going solo dramatically reduces your chances to be ambushed and I think that alone is very backwards. If Warframe was more teamwork orientated, this could easily be "turned around" and used as an incentive to "lone Tenno". However, the game doesn't promote ANY kind of gameplay, whether its solo or team based unless you're doing keys. If this other system, or one like it were in place... I would have a degree of CONTROL over the drop table.

The worst experience I've had in video gaming, ever, was on Warframe. Attempting to hunt all the Boltor Prime components took me almost 2 weeks of CONSTANT grind on my holidays. The worst part was at the end of it, I had millions of credits from selling my other junk components gathered along the way. How is it even mathematically possible to earn 78 Frost Prime Helmets or what ever it was (it was literally 78 though) without earning even just 1 Boltor Component when they're reportedly the same odds. I did the correct amount of waves and I asked many people over that span of time, even having some of them help me along the way. I eventually traded my maxed Vitality for the STOCK or some crap.

Harvester farming is even more unreliable, especially alone. Even IF it does spawn, the odds if it dropping the exact last piece of gun I need is remote. PLEASE fix this. Been on the grind for a solid day and all it has achieved is making me want to burn down DE in an Ember Prime costume.

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Cannot be. I have been <500 for almost the whole time since my second frame (always no Reactor, no Catalyst, switching out gear immediately at rank 30, only goes to >500 at several ranks 20+). The only time I saw the harvester was when it came for someone else. I am supposed to have 15 marks from invasions. But Alad only ever messaged me once...

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