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Ember - Clear Answer Pls


So I played Ember now for quite a while. Almost the only frame I play to be honest (beside Saryn which i got since last week lately).

Im pretty happy with her and the recent buffs like the damage reduction on Overheat and stuff. There is just one thing I don't really get after reading the Wiki and several comment.


Do Mods like Ability Strenght/Duration actually affect her Skills? All the skills are DoT mainly so Duration would be already a straight damage boost.


Im not really clear about that and I'm sorry if there is already a thread somewhere around and Im reposting something :S

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I think that duration WOULD infect the DoT, if there would be one.


Sadly, everything that is having a DoT Effect is "Fireball", which doesnt work most the time or just deals like 10 damage against ancients. Or "World on Fire", where the DoT lasts for about 2-3 seconds.


The only ability that is effected and makes Duration useful, is Overheat.


To be honest, stay away from ember if you're not playing against infested, she's just completly useless compared to all the other frames.

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I don't know that we ever got an official staff answer, but just from my own testing the only effect ive seen work is an increase in duration on Overheat.

I have no seen an increase in damage or duration on any of her other skills, and I believe someone else also confirmed fireblast remained and a 12 second duration with an without mods.

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