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Don't know where is the mods feedback so I'm gonna put this in general


WARNING: HATERS GONNA HATE (if you are not and open minded who can consider different points of view, you should leave, I can consider yours but If you can't consider mine you are only going to get a little bit stressed)




I know there are some heroes and maybe ruffians that have managed to accomplish this feat but I want to talk as a normal player, not a guy with money to buy it or self proclaimed pro or real pro that have the time and patience to do this awesome and devoted farming act


I am not a casual, neither a pro, but I have been an active player for more than a year, A NORMAL PLAYER, one of those who have played this game a lot and is going to play it a lot more but will not farm like if there were nothing else in life and even after all the time I have pleasently put and enjoy in this game, with all my duplicates mods and cores and credits I can barely max ONE of these mods (blind rage, serration, redirection... everything with 10 ranks)


I know this things aren't supposed to be easy to fully upgrade and I agree with that, it must not be easy... but how hard are they to upgrade is ridiculous, I guess a considerable part of the game population is being deprived of fully upgrading their gear even if they have been playing for a really long time and/or have invested a lot money (I KNOW WARFRAME IS NOT PAY TO WIN, is not like there is something to win anyways LOL but some of them have put effort earning the money they invest here and it deserves to be recognized)


So... I think this mods should be a little bit easier to fully upgrade, not easy to upgrade like the normal mods, but a little bit easier, the 7th rank is a lot and the 8th is ridiculous... And I'm not going to talk about the rank 9 because I don't want to get a ban... Imagine what I think about the 10th xD maybe the last 3 ranks could get distributed within the 7th and 8th... wich should be enough... and anyways, they'll still being something ridiculous but fair for the huge advantage this mods represent... (I know they are pretty powerfull but is not like they are going to make you inmortal or give you real money like to be that hard to upgrade)... And if something like these happens, the people that have managed to upgrade them, they deserves to be recognized and rewarded with something big, as big as the task they decided to take (something huge and good of they preference but realistic)


And... to finish this post I want to say that I know comunity feedback is important, posts and comments alike, but, for this case and others that are similar, I want to see the devs trying to farm what is required to upgrade this mods, to learn from the experience and think by themselves how this life-sucking pact with the devil could be fixed(yeah I use the word fix because even if it is not broken, is game breaking, a game is supposed to be fun and it is not, so it is wrong)



(If it is not a nuisance, I would be very grateful if whoever is going to comment, leaves constructive stuff, to help figure out how this should be revised instead of things like -no. I did it and IT WAS EASY (everybody knows it is not, it's painfully almost impossible) )

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Haha in the same boat. Been playing for a year and a half and still haven't maxed serration XD

Regardless you have a very valid point. From what I've seen only hardcore spenders and youtubers can afford to max rank their mods. It's a little depressing for the rest of us : / Perhaps an introduction of EXTREMELY rare Legenday cores in the highest areas of t4 surv/def?

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Idk about how easier you mean but yeah they do become a pain the butt once they reach rank 8, than 9 will barely budge...

I don't mean really easy, I want and I totally agree that they have to be hard to upgrade but I think about rank 8 (not just reaching rank 8, I mean FILLING rank 8 should be enough, a lot actually, but is kinda more fair while still being difficult) should be enough, not exactly that maybe, but something like that (just to give an idea)

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Haha in the same boat. Been playing for a year and a half and still haven't maxed serration XD

Regardless you have a very valid point. From what I've seen only hardcore spenders and youtubers can afford to max rank their mods. It's a little depressing for the rest of us : / Perhaps an introduction of EXTREMELY rare Legenday cores in the highest areas of t4 surv/def?


Then you are doing something reallly wrong.

1.5 years means you should have more than 800 hours under your belt :O

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Umm I would like to first ask you is there is any in-game content that you are, honestly, not able to complete because you have not been able to max these mods? 

Does not ranking up these from 7 to 10 prevent you in attempting or completing any content? Are you being held back or gated by this lack of completion?

(Also I don't mean, do you find X content hard or challenging? I mean you flat out cannot even survive in X, Y, Z missions)


Now it could honestly be that you cannot complete tower 4s or long survival/defence in pluto without maxing these mods. I don't know as their is an element of frame/weapon choice and player skill in there. However, I would put it to you that, although there is a power advantage from mods going from 7 to 10 it is not as massive as the upgrade of 0 to 7.  This means you probably don't need all those mods maxed out to be able to play 99% of the aspects in the game.


So why are you asking for this? Should it be changed? Is it to much?


Well these are interesting questions and the amount of fusion power to go from 0 to 10 on a mod is not some specific and amazing value. The amount of energy simply doubles every level and by the time you reach ten its a lot of energy.

Also just for your information on the amount of fusion power required to level I suggest you read this:


Leveling a rare mod from 9 to 10? Takes A LOT of fusion energy. In fact it is the same amount of energy that it took to get it from rank zero to rank 9.


However I don't believe that is the major issue here. It is merely your self desire to see everything completed. You want to have maxed mods and you see those unfinished ones and desire them to be complete. As you have stated it is not probably possible within your play time/style to get those finished easily. However it is something you feel you need to have. Even though the net advantage it would give you is not that big. You just want to see it complete and this seems unobtainable. 


Now we could say that maybe DE has set the bar to high and out of reach of the average player. However I believe if this was the case (as DE can see the statistics) and this was having a major impact on peoples progression through the game, then the DE would adjust the values. However such a thing has not happened since the release of this current MoD system; which is by my count waaay over a year now (probably a year and a half).


No, what I really think here is just you wanting to max rank all of your mods, simply out of your desire to see them finished so you can move on. A worthy and desirable goal but not really worth changing the system over just so you can have everything at maximum.


Should every player be able to max out every mod? How about two copies so there sentinel can have the same mod as well? The answer to both questions is No. Why? So that DE can create a sense of progression and use skinner box techniques to make people feel they are progressing in the game.


Also you label several large groups of players in your post. Setting up your own personal values and feeling on different types of players. You seem rather hostile towards players able to achieve greater than you and define yourself as the key player benchmark that DE should balance towards. Terms like Pro and casual are very relative to personal perspective. I know in the past I have seen so many different peoples version of what a "casual" player is. I find they mostly are clouded by what personal veiw of the individual is as most people see themselves as a "causal" player.


Now I would say I do not know what the average player is. I also do not know if it is DEs progression model that the average player should rank up all their MoDs. However I believe the only one with the real statistics, truths and plans on this issue is DE. Overall I would say that it is OK.



Does not having all your mods at max rank prevent you attempting/completing any current content?

Though it may be the fusion power required for a rank 10 is to high for the average player, I personally think DE would have changed this already if it was the case. DE has the statistics and they have not changed these values in the more than a year of this MoD system.

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