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Three Things Happened The Other Day.


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So I had a slave day on Warframe the other day, slaving over T4 keys like a gamer would when his addiction calls.


Anyways, played Warframe all day the other day and did interception missions for T4 keys over and over and over.


Three things happened that probably shouldn't.


1. I started an interception mission as lobby host, was thrown together with 3 randoms almost instantly and ended up in a Dark Sector mission (which I NEVER play) even thou it said starting... "the interception mission" until the mission started loading up.


2. On the Pluto Cerberus mission while another guy was hosting we had a great run, gotten that T4 DEF key we wanted (we all got too many survivals already right), started another game with him as host, it ended up being the same map but a Def mission with a defendable pod and 15 waves in we received a T4 interception key as the reward on the bugged mission xD


3. I hosted a T4 Capture mission, we successfully completed it, then the 3 random guys I picked up in the recruiting stopped right before the end of the mission just to turn around and "look for secret rooms" for about 15 minutes, so ofc (since I'm loaded like crazy) I alt-tabbed at the end of the void and let them do their search for useless mods. To my surprise 15 minutes after alt tabbing it raped my system to death (since I was host and they were probably 500 meters away from me ingame). Blue screened to death (only third blue screen ever in 3 years of this computer). I do notice that the further people are away from you ingame it becomes an issue in many ways, but BSOD?!


Edit: I forgot to mention that on the T4 Capture mission that Corrupted Vor just kept talking S#&$ and never showed too, maybe that was part of the whole lockup of my system in the end.


I also forgot to say I basicly had a pleasant day on Warframe the other day, apart of 2 of the things mentioned above. The def mission was a bug but a good one xD Easy T4 key.

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