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All Of Banshee's Abilities Interrupt Reload And It Sucks


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As Banshee is right now I find that I have to choose between using abilities or reloading. This is a problem because her abilities are mostly team support so a lot of the time I feel that the best action is to delay my reload for quite some time.


She differs in this area from most other CC frames because she doesn't have very good "fire and forget" CC. Her best CC is a channel which she obviously can't reload during. The stun from Silence generally affords her the time to reload without worry, but then she can't do that again until Silence expires.


Overall, reloading feels terrible as Banshee.


I think this would be fixed by making Sonic Boom not interrupt reload. You'd only be able to CC in close range during the reload but you'd at least have something and you'd be able to feel good about choosing to reload.

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Though I wouldn't mind such a change, I never had such an issue either. In fact, when powers have an animation like that, it usually means you're immune to CC during that time frame. I usually use that as strategy against enemies doing radial knockdown and I would resist it if timed right.

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