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Just A Simple Question, How Tall Is Rhino Prime?



I tried asking Steve and Megan but have not got a answer back so they must be too busy to answer. The reason for this question is because I bred a medium sized stocky Raksa with a very tall Sahasa and ended up getting a giant Raksa. When he is on all fours his massive head is at Rhino Prime's chest! I will speculate Rhino Prime is about 8 feet tall but I wish I could get a character size comparison chart. Any ideas?

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Thanks to @Scherhardt for his photo I was able to make a close guesstimate of how tall Rhino Prime is. Using Geoff as a reference I figured he was about 6'5", megan concurred with this guess. So using Photoshop and the photo as reference I compared Geoff and the Excalibur statue and it looks like Geoff has a full 5 inches on Excalibur, making Excalibur about only 6 foot. Now using Excalibur as a base I compared the image of both of them in the arsenal and overlapping the two images showed that Rhino Prime is really only about 6'1" or 6'2" at the most.  So now that I knew about how tall Rhino Prime was I took this image below which now makes me think my giant Kubrow stands about 5' feet tall standing on all fours. Here is the image


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