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Xp Locked... Means?



This Item XP is locked, You must reach rank / 5 .....before you can purchase it.


What do they mean with RANK 1,2,3,4,5 .......?

My character ( Frost ) is currently level 9 , and all my weapons are +1 level obviously tho.

What are ' ranks ' how do i get them? Any way to avoid and still purchase?


PS : Looking to buy melee weapons (KAMA) But i also saw some intrested secondary weapons , but the same is there.

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Heads up: wiki page is slightly outdated. In new UI mastery bar is in about same place, but notably smaller and easier to miss. Leave every menu, press ESC and hover mouse over your name. If you are eligible for mastery test, there will be prompt: Rank Up.

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