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Minor Observations, Suggestions And Such.


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Hey guys, this'll be a sort of personal experience and feedback thread, I'll explain what I usually do in-game, how I play and talk about the improvements and changes that I'd like to see.


General setup:
Frame: Volt, focus on shields/hp for survival, with a reflection mod for melee gameplay, duration mods for Speed and Shield.

Primary weapon: Either the Snipetron Vandal or the Supra.

Secondary weapon: Varies, I mostly use the Angstrum(not for the damage, but aesthetics and corpus love), sometimes the Detron or Akmagnus.

Melee weapon: I prefer the Hate, Ether Daggers or Fang Primes. Just fit the whole theme of a sniper.


I try to play adaptively, help out teammates by stunning enemies, deploying cover wherever needed and so on.


And now, for my observations and such.


#1: Sniper scopes. I'd love to see an option to put a scope on your weapon or not, and if you do, the ability to zoom in and out with your mouse wheel. I find myself missing quite a lot of shots because of the chaos on the battlefield, the zoom being set too high, etc. This would make my, and hopefully other players' life easier.



#1.5: Volt's speed. No, not the power. The actual speed. Being a caster and severely sacrificing armor values, wouldn't it make sense for Volt, the electric frame, to be faster? It has a base 1.0 speed, same as Excal. Loki has 1.25, I think Volt should have 1.2.



#2: Vertical wallrunning. I think it has become quite awkward to wallrun vertically, mostly because you guys removed the "tap control to keep running up" function, making things like running up a vent shaft near extractions and such...less smooth.



#3: Arc traps. The basic idea is nice. But...for the love of Profit, it's NOT. The point of the game is mobility. Smooth movement, careful and precise killing. The idea of well-hidden traps that zap, stun and annoy you is just not fitting, in my opinion. Same goes for the disruptor doors. It's just...no.


#4: This is a topic that has been widely discussed by the community, and I'll make my own thread about it, but the basic subject is utility mods. Mods like Rush, Maglev, Marathon for Warframes, and mods like Magazine Warp and Fast Hands are mostly unused, and while they could have a really great effect on all builds. My idea would be to change the mod grid from the 2x4 brick form into a circle. In the middle we'd still have the brick form for the 8 damage mods, but in the circle we'd have space for every utility mod for that category. For instance, on primary weapons, you could equip all the mods related to ammunition(mag size, max ammo, mutation), reload speed, bane of ... mods could be all put on a weapon.

The balance is simple, unlock a slot on level 5, 10, 15, 20 and unlock them all on 30. Think about it, these mods are not OP at all(Magazine warp, for instance, +30% magazine capacity. Not too much, but a nice addition for free, don't you think?), and yet they could take your weapons and frames to their full potential. 

Also, why a circle, you ask?

Why, here. This is why.



The fusion core would just eject from your weapon or your frame's neck, and it'd like eject little sections where you can put all the mods in. When you're finished, the sections retract, the core is placed back into the weapon or your frame and it lights up for a split second.




That's all for now, thank you for reading, please, tell me if you have ideas, own observations, anything, really.

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