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What Makes You Happy And Enjoy In Warframe ?


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At first, it was playing the warframes that I read about before I started to play this game (Rhino, Loki, Nova) - DONE

Then it was gathering enough plat to buy more slots - DONE

Now it's collecting all the prime warframes - Missing Mag Prime and Loki Prime

Next would probably be getting Boltor, Dakra and Glaive Prime, already have most of the parts for Boltor and Dakra P, still working on Glaive P.

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Customizing my loadouts. It's what I spend the majority of my time doing nowadays. I also like to build up my own personal lore for each of my frames, and color, gear, and mod them according to that lore.

Such as: (all of the following views are simply my own personal lore and do not reflect nor insinuate actual lore for Warframe, nor do I particularly care if my lore flies in the face of the canon lore.)


Name: Aes (pronounced A-yus)

Backstory: Basically like a Godframe, revived from an age that actually predates the rest of the Tenno. There is no Tenno inside of his frame. He is also the only Oberon in existence, save for his nemesis (a black and violet Oberon with Markor Helmet and Immortal Skin). Aes does not interact with other Tenno outside of missions. He is very secluded and solitary. Aes' Dragon Nikana is one of a kind and can only be wielded by him, any other being who touches it in any way is immolated.

Outfit: White, black, and gold (very similar to his default scheme but tweaked) using Oryx helmet (because dragons) Immortal Skin, and Noru Prime syandana.

Weapons: Cernos (just as a back-piece but surprisingly decent for damage) and Dragon Nikana with Daman Sugatra(with full fire and damage mods because dragons) No secondary.

Sentinel: Wyrm Prime (because moar dragons)

Fighting Style: Melee only, constantly energy channeling to boost his fire output and damage. Used primarily against Infested, his ancient enemy. Occasionally wields Cernos to headshot Ancients as needed.


Name: Clavicus (pronounced like Clavicus Vile from Elder Scrolls)

Backstory: Clavicus was captured by Lech Kril just before he awakened. He was experimented on in an effort by the Grineer to manipulate void energy to open portals to the void itself without the need of a key. The only development that came of these experiments were the Grineer Arc Traps, a manipulation of his Tesla energy contained in a sphere, a tactic which he adapted for his own uses later with his other more potent powers. Fortunately, their main efforts were in vain and Clavicus was liberated from them by the Tenno. Clavicus went on to develop the auto forge (Foundry on Liset) to aid in the production of weaponry both new and old. He is referred to by the other Tenno as Forgemaster Clavicus.

Outfit: Neon-ish purple, green, yellow, and black (sounds atrocious but fits him so well) with Arcane Gambit Helmet (I live dangerously) Immortal Skin, Dendra Armor, and Yamako Syandana.

Weapons: Drakgoon (modded for Gas damage) Stug (modded for max Corrosive damage, and fire rate/magazine size) and Jat Kittag (modded for max Corrosive damage and attack speed)

Sentinel: Dethcube with Carabus Skin (for extra Grineer look)

Fighting Style: Prefers to use his Drakgoon and Stug for the most part but is never hesitant to break out his Jet Kitty with Crushing Ruin if enemies get too close. He uses Grineer weaponry as a form of revenge against his previous captors. He'll fight anyone but has a penchant for killing Grineer. He usually runs Defense missions in an effort to prevent anyone being awoken from cryosleep to the horrors he once did.


Name: Wraith (named so because of her affinity for screaming shrilly during her abilities)

Backstory: Liked DE's lore for Valkyr enough that I haven't changed it.

Outfit: White, black, and turquoise with Kara Helmet, Immortal Skin, Dendra and Daedalus Armor, and of course Valkyr's Bonds.

Weapons: Penta, Detron, and Obex (modded for Magnetic damage)

Sentinel: Sometimes uses shade but normally uses Helios.

Fighting Style: Almost always uses her insanely fast Obex (modded with every speed+ mod) and will frequently break out the Penta for use against large groups of enemies. Wraith fights Corpus exclusively, having no qualms or grudge against any other faction.

I could easily do one of these for every one of my 20 frames but I highly doubt you guys would be all that interested lol. If you can't tell, I used to RP quite a bit.

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