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Sort Of Delay , Lost Connection , Stucking Warframe


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well , issues is started yesterday , since my brother and me cant really make a 100% enjoy on WARFRAME.
Due to my router settings or warframe setting or whatever . 
but it never happen before this.

1) i got ( login failed , check your info ) i have just typed the correct username and password , but i doesnt work.

2) i got ( ERROR_INTERNET_TIMEOUT ) wow , i can just logon into facebook or search anything on GoogleC.

3) alright finally some random threat that make me logged in , owh well , Clicked '' X '' ( navigation ) ... perfect !!! (stucked on please wait) > after a few secs , force logged me out .

4) select mission from any planet ( status : public ) , choosed a mission ... > a loading circle < then force logout.

5) After complete a mission , stuck on a larger view field ( maxed ) , a few seconds later , force logout.

Dude , i have just relog more than 30 times whole day .
DE , please fix it alright ? that never happen before for me .


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